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Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 22 - Mystique by Michelle Sciuto

Another great addition from Michelle.  I look forward to meeting her this weekend at the Super Wild Pig Show in NJ.  Should be a great show.  check it out here.

Check out more of Michelle's work here.

"Mystique colored with Prismacolor markers and pencils for :iconillustriousbits:"

Mystique (c) Marvel Comics

Week 22 - Mystique by Danielle Alex St. Pierre

oooh, I love the simple black and white.

Another Great addition from Danielle

Check out more of her stuff here.

"I actually drew this piece earlier this week, but had some things come up and just haven't gotten around to posting it until just now. 

This week at :iconillustriousbits: the subject is Mystique and I decided to draw her in the simple black leather outfit she wore as Professor X's secret agent. "

Mystique (c) Marvel Comics

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week 22 - Mystique By Rich Bernatovech

Here's my contribution to this week's subject, Mystique (from the X-Men), on Illustrious Bits. I picked the movie version of Mystique to draw because I've never drawn her before. I admit this was a bit of rushed sketch, but it's been a busy week here. I really love the movie version of Mystique and think that they did an amazing job spotlighting her on the original X-Men movie and even more so with the newer "First Class" film.

Mystique (c) Marvel Comics

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 21 - Doctor Strange by Randy Ostridge

another great addition from Randy.  Doctor Strange... awesome.

check out more here.

"This image is for a weekly theme over at the Illustrious Bits sketch group.

Here is some old school Doctor Strange. This design was from 1983 while he was in his original Defenders run. He's actually one of the few big-ticket Marvel characters that I don't really know much about. Stephen's got a cool stache though.

Pencil on paper, inked with black, cool gray, and warm gray markers."

Doctor Strange (c) Marvel Comics

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Week 21 - Doctor Strange by Andrew Charipar

To continue my "do it a little different each time" with my sketches here at Illustrious Bits Sketch Blog... Doctor Strange... as a chick.

Dr Stephanie Strange.

Hope you dig


Doctor Strange (c) Marvel Comics

Week 21 - Doctor Strange by Stephane De Caneva

Another Incredible addition to Doctor Strange week... from Stephane De Caneva... WOW!

check out more here.

"Doctor Strange, done for :iconillustriousbits: week 21 :)"

Doctor Strange (c) Marvel Comics

Week 21 - Doctor Strange by Dwayne Biddix

Welcome back Dwayne... with Doctor Strange!

check out more here.

"Digital art: Dwayne Biddix
Ok I am still alive. See? New art!
Just been dealing with depression and a TON of commissions. Caught a bit of free time and saw :iconillustriousbits: was doing a Dr. Strange week and thought I would do one for that. 
I used green to light him. At forst I was a bit unsure but I am really pleased with the effect.
Anyway enjoy!


Doctor Strange (c) Marvel Comics

Week 21 - Doctor Strange by Loki

Another great addition by Loki... Doctor Strange!

Check out more here.

"I think i forgot how Stephen Strange used to be cool... oh yeah... the red cape en all... :D"

Doctor Strange (c) Marvel Comics

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Week 21 - Doctor Strange By Rich Bernatovech

Here's my entry of Doctor Strange for this week's subject on Illustrious Bits. With the Pittsburgh Comicon this coming weekend, I wasn't sure I would even try to do a sketch this week. But I had a few quiet minutes last night and was able to draw this. I preferred to draw Doctor Strange in his older look and not the updated current one. I still like the old school, even if it is a bit geeky. :)

Doctor Strange (c) Marvel Comics

Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 20 - Mega Man by Joman Mercado

Classic version of Mega Man by Joman... Awesome!

check out more stuff here.

"classic megaman for :iconillustriousbits: :D"

 Mega Man (c) Capcom

Week 20 - Fireman by Loki

This awesome addition to Illustrious Bits was by Loki... WOW!

check out more stuff here.

"Fire Man (ファイヤーマン Faiāman?) is a Robot Master from the original Mega Man series. He was built by Dr. Light to work in an incinerator at a waste management facility and is able to wield flames that can reach 7000-8000 degrees.

According to Rockman Wiki.

I love Rockman... and i love most of the characters from the first video game... Fireman is my favorite.

Here's a redesign of the character. :D"

Fireman (c) Capcom

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Week 20 - MegaMan By Rich Bernatovech

I'm a little late with this week's contribution for Illustrious Bits. In all honesty, I almost didn't do this week because I know absolutely nothing about MegaMan (this weeks pick!). But I figured I needed to try and not use that as an excuse to not draw. How else will I get better? lol. I tried to keep a little of the anime feel to him and still put in a bit of my own style. Not sure it worked.

MegaMan (c) Capcom

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 20 - Mega Man by Ross Campbell

Two great additions to Mega Man week here at Illustrious Bits from Ross Campbell.

Check out more here.

prepared to fight."

Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 19 - Thor by Joman Mercado

another great addition from Joman... THOR!

Check out more here.

"sketchy! haha -- because i suck at pencil :( XD i might do this more often for practice :)"

Thor (c) Marvel Comics

Week 19 - Thor by Randy Ostridge

Love the Animated style... THOR!!!

for more from Randy check it here.

"This image is for a weekly theme over at the Illustrious Bits sketch group.

My daughter and I are watching "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" as I slowly convert her into a comic book geek. It is a fantastic series and stays true to the comics while freshening everything up for TV. I also really like the animation style, which is impactful and chunky.

So here we have Thor, based upon the style used in that series. I should probably pick a style and stick with it, but where is the fun in that?

All Flash."

Thor (c) Marvel Comics

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 19 - Thor by Andrew Charipar

This weeks subject is Thor, God of Thunder.

I, of course, went in a little different direction.  Did somewhat of an original version instead of the tried and true Marvel Comics version.

I think I have decided that Illustrious Bits gives me the opportunity to try different things while at the same time trying something classic.  I was working on a new and different version of Huntress and Powergirl last week but ran out of time (it might still come one of these days) and thought, what a great chance to try something different... keep posted, more coming.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 19 - Thor By Rich Bernatovech

Here is my contribution for this week's pick, THOR! I've only drawn Thor a few times and I have to admit, he's not a fav of mine to draw. I always end up making him look a little too weak or young. I decided to try drawing him in profile this time and I think that helped a little for me to get a better feel for him. Might have over did it with the lightning, lol.

Thor © Marvel Comics

Week 18 - Powergirl By Jamie Fay

Here is Jamie Fay's contribution to to IllustriosBits Week 18 - Power Girl or Huntress.

Jamie had this to say about his drawing of Powergirl:

"I stayed with the new style I've been doing of the current costumes with an older/classic look in the bg. I also chose the better of the 2 versions of her costume that have been shown. The newer one looks really dated and like its from the 70's or 80's. I feel the one I chose is more modern."

Powergirl © DC Comics

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 18 - Powergirl by Randy Ostridge

This was Randy's first shot at drawing Powergirl... excellent first try...

"This image is for a weekly theme over at the Illustrious Bits sketch group.

I have never actually drawn Power Girl before, so this was kind of a fun character to play with. I like flying characters generally, so I went with that concept. I wanted to push the lighting of the piece a little more than I usually do, so I went with a backlit scene for some practice.

All Photoshop."

Check out more from Randy here.

Powergirl (c) DC Comics

Week 18 - Powergirl by Joman Mercado

Wow, what a great addition from Joman... Powergirl!

Check out more here.

"my submission for "powergirl/huntress" week at :iconillustriousbits:,, i really had fun doing this piece ^^ "

Powergirl (c) DC Comics