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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 2 - Zatanna by Danielle Alexis St. Pierre

Here is Danielle's Zatanna for Week 2!

Here is what Danielle said about this weeks character:

"I've never drawn her before so I decided to just have fun with it.

I chose the old outfit simply for the fishnets."

Zatanna © DC Comics

Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 2 - Zatanna by Jamie Fay

Here is my Zatanna for Week 2.

I went with the DCnU version, with some redeisgn elements as well. I really am proud of the way the magic powers came out.

I was gonna draw her in her older costume, which i've only drawn a few times, but I thought I could make her new costume look good, and I think I succeeded, at least a bit lol

I'll update with a colored version if I get one. I did with Wonder Woman.

Zatanna © DC Comics


Updated: Colored version by Illustrious Bits' Danielle Alexis St. Pierre. Great job Danielle. I love it.

Week 2 - Zatanna By Rich Bernatovech

Here's my sketch for week 2 of Illustrious Bits! I loved drawing Zatanna. I miss the top hat and coat on her in the Nu DC universe. She needs them!!


Zatanna © DC Comics

Week 2 - Zatanna by Andrew Charipar

Zatanna was my choice of sketches for week 2.

I choose Zatanna for two reasons. One, I'm a sucker for a girl in fishnet... and second, I owed a Zatanna sketch to some one and what better way to get it off my list than to make it this weeks subject. Ta-da.

I've drawn Zatanna several times before... sometimes the sketches some out ok... others sucked. This one came out pretty good.

Looking forward to what everyone comes up with...


Zatanna © DC Comics

Week 1 - Wonder Woman By Rey Arzeno

Here is Rey Arzeno's contribution to Illustrious Bits. Rey decided to draw the new Wonder Woman, wanted to draw her in her design with the pants. Check out Rey's Deviant Art page here.

Wonder Woman © DC Comics

Week 1 - Wonder Woman by Danielle Alexis St. Pierre


This great piece is from Danielle Alexis St. Pierre, check her out at her Deviant Art site here.

"The first week is Wonder Woman and I chose to the Lynda Carter/TV Show version.

I grew up watching re-runs of the show and just loved her.This piece was drawn with a 2H lead, on Bristol board and then inked with the Pitt pens I just bought.

I don't know when I'll color it... but I'd like to... maybe even turn it into a print. "

Wonder Woman © DC Comics

Friday, November 25, 2011

Week 1 - Wonder Woman by Harold Jennett III

Welcome our very first Guest Contributor... Artist extrodinaire, Harold Jennett III.

I first met Harold at one of the Comic Geek Speak Super Shows a few years ago and he is a great guy and a fantastic artist.

Harold started his first comic works in 2006 when he created MIMES with Wayne Cordova. Harold moved into the world of web comics with the Geek Syndicate Web Comic. He has currently begun work on an upcoming as-yet-to-be-announced graphic novel with Steeven Orr.

Check out his website here, his web-strip here and his deviant art site here.

Thanks again Harold... I look forward to seeing more of Harold's work with his web-strip and all his upcoming projects.

Wonder Woman © DC Comics

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 1 - Wonder Woman by Rich Bernatovech

Here's my sketch of Wonder Woman for this first week on Illustrious Bits (I feel a little naughty saying that name out loud, lol).
Wonder Woman © DC Comics

Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 1 - Wonder Woman by Andrew Charipar

I've drawn Wonder Woman before and have always tried to balance her power with the beauty. This time I went for the "warrior" part of her character.

I also tweaked the costume a little... took a few liberties just for the heck of it.


Wonder Woman © DC Comics

Week 1 - Wonder Woman by Jamie Fay

Well, it's time to start showcasing out first week's sketch - Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman was my choice for the week. I chose her because I've been wanting to draw her new costume and this gave me a reason to finally do it. The cool thing is, I already have an amazing colorist waiting to color this once I post it to my deviantART gallery. I'll update with the colored version once it's complete. Well, here is my drawing of Diana and I can't wait to see everyone else's take on her.

- Jamie

Wonder Woman © DC Comics

Thursday, November 10, 2011


A NEW sketch blog venture brought to you by the minds of creative geniuses Rich Bernatovech, Jamie Fay and Andrew Charipar. Starting the week of November 21, 2011 we will begin posting sketches done by all three artist based on a subject that will change every week. The first week subject is… Wonder Woman!

In the next few weeks we will be picking future subjects and opening up membership via invitation to other artist, so we plan to grow…

Come back each week for new sketches and from time to time we will take suggestions from our fans for an up coming weeks subject. Let us know what you think and keep checking back…

More to come.