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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week 8 - Catra by Andrew Charipar

OK, I will admit, I knew NOTHING about She-Ra (other than the name) and knew nothing about the characters in her universe so...

I had to do the good-old google searchin' and found Catra.  She's a villain in the She-Ra universe.  In doing my research, I found the original costume as well as several different re-designs and I did my own version of the character.

I like her, and I think that's why this sketch got done so quickly.  I did the sketch layout yesterday and finished it this evening.  Pretty quick.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else does.


Catra © Mattel


  1. Love the pose and detail to the costume on her. I don't know anything about this character either, but she looks very, very cool.

  2. I got to find a way to change her juuuust enough to make her one of my own original characters, he he he. A Super Hero for Cornerstone City... HA!