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Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 8 - She-Ra By Dimitrius Moore

Here is another awesome submission to this She-Ra themed week on Illustrious Bits. This beautiful rendition of She-Ra was done by Dimitrius Moore, the latest contributor of our group. Here's what Dimitrius had to say about his entry:

"So, here's the first of many submissions to the group . This week's subject is any character from She-Ra, so I decided to do the Princess of Power herself. Honestly, I've only ever caught a few episodes of She-Ra growing up, and obviously it wasn't targeted to me like He-man was. Still, the connection between the two was cool. Drawn on 11x14 Canson bristol paper with Col-Erase light blue pencil/2H Lead Holder/Micron 0.5 Pen/Prismacolor warm/cool gray markers (with brick white/light mocha for the gold accents/hair)".

Check out more of Dimitrius's art here.

-Rich B.

She-Ra © Mattel

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