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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week 31 - Nightwing and Robin by Gavin Michelli

"I'm hoping that the folks at DC are going to do something concerning the obvious similarity between these two costumes...but I'm not holding my breat ;P This is a piece that I've wanted to do ever since I first saw the New 52 Nightwing suit, and :iconillustriousbits: finally gave me an excuse!

And yes, I played up the similarities by giving Nightwing that belt and Batman the lines around his neck and wrists. Don't judge me."

Nightwing (c) DC Comics

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"I would really like Damian's current costume, if not for all of the green. Really, it's hard to take someone seriously when they're dressed in christmas colors. I mean really, green boots with red laces? Is he supposed to be an elf?

The cape is kinda reminiscent of Ra's al Ghul's, even though if you take the original Dick Grayson Robin cape and pop the collar, that's pretty much what it would look like. So it's kind of a nod to both, I guess. The sword is another nod to D's grampa, but of course, he wouldn't use that as a killing weapon...right? ;P"

Robin (c) DC Comics

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