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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week 31 - Robin by Maja Cronvall

Welcome to Illistrious Bits, Maja!

"Hello Everybody!

This is my first-ever entry to the amazing group of :iconillustriousbits: which I just now requested to become a contributor to and got in. So...Wish me good luck and thank you for letting me in! :la:

So this week it was asked to draw any of the Robins...I began to think which one was my favorite and was first about to go for Nightwing, but then remembered my all-time favorite Robin: Damien Wayne.
I don't know if I made him too old looking in this but... yeah. I like it. :D 

This was drawn after a session of a drawing workshop I had at my part-summer job at a camp. I kinda felt like drawing afterwards and had this to make, so it was decided. c:
So like, Enjoy!


Robin (c) DC Comics

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