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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Week 33 - Wario by Dwayne Biddix

"Digital art: Dwayne Biddix
A drawing of Wario from the Mario Brothers game series.
Drawn for :iconillustriousbits: for their 'Draw any Mario Brothers character' challenge.

I tried a LOT of new stuff here.
I am working on my cartoon art.
I am working on style matching in the drawing.
I am working on a new color style.

And I am pretty happy with how it all came out. And yes I know the coloring style it very realistic for a cartoon style. But since this IS a 3-D video game character that is rendered realistically in the game (ie. not flat or cell shaded) I figured I would give the colors a more realistic look.)


Wario (c) Nintendo

check out more here.

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