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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 1 - Wonder Woman by Rich Bernatovech

Here's my sketch of Wonder Woman for this first week on Illustrious Bits (I feel a little naughty saying that name out loud, lol).
Wonder Woman © DC Comics


  1. ooooh, don't say that out loud, he he he.
    at least saying it out loud is better than that first "banner" I created. he he he

  2. lol, yeah, that first banner would have made people talk though.

  3. maybe we can be like google and change out the banner from time to time... you never know, he he he.

  4. we could change it to illustrious tits and only draw women lol

    great job, btw, rich. i really like this one.

  5. Beautiful Rich. I love her expression. :)