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Friday, November 25, 2011

Week 1 - Wonder Woman by Harold Jennett III

Welcome our very first Guest Contributor... Artist extrodinaire, Harold Jennett III.

I first met Harold at one of the Comic Geek Speak Super Shows a few years ago and he is a great guy and a fantastic artist.

Harold started his first comic works in 2006 when he created MIMES with Wayne Cordova. Harold moved into the world of web comics with the Geek Syndicate Web Comic. He has currently begun work on an upcoming as-yet-to-be-announced graphic novel with Steeven Orr.

Check out his website here, his web-strip here and his deviant art site here.

Thanks again Harold... I look forward to seeing more of Harold's work with his web-strip and all his upcoming projects.

Wonder Woman © DC Comics


  1. Nice one, Harold! I really love your style. Your web-strip is awesome too! Looking forward to seeing your upcoming OGN!

  2. I love the pose. Like she's ready to charge head first into battle. Great job!