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Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 4 - Spider-Woman by Jamie Fay

Here is my piece for the 4th week - Spider-Woman

I chose Spider-Woman because she is fun to draw and has a timeless costume. She hasn't had any major changes to her suit since being created in the 70's. That says something for her creators.

I'm also lucky to have this piece have an awesome colorist coloring it. Simon Gough, ,will be coloring her.

Also, so you know, I was kinda inspired by the rose scene in American Beauty when sketching this out. Of course, I had to make her clothed and put in the spider theme, but that was my original inspiration.


Spider-Woman © Marvel Comics


  1. I can definitely see the inspiration. Beautiful work Jamie! :)

  2. Beautiful work, Jamie! Love how much detail you put into this one. Can't wait to see the colored version. :)

  3. wow, man... just wow. She looks gorgeous and the webbing looks sick... I hate you.

    hugs and kisses