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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 27 - Lion-O by Javier Cruz Winnik

Welcome new edition Javier Cruz Winnik.

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"Shout out to :iconillustriousbits: for inspiring me to finally do a real Thundercats piece. I did one a while back but I let not knowing how to draw something stop me from trying to draw it right. I am pretty happy with this, his leg turned out a bit small, but outside of that I am done with this..... I MAY make it a double page spread, adding the other cats and Snarf.... one day.....=] 

Oh, and y the way, Saturday Morning Cartoon's are back, I love waking up on Saturday mornings for the first time in two generations..... who'da thunk it?! Shout out to Kick Buttowski, Ben 10, Green Lantern, Young Justice and The Legend of Korra "

Lion-O (c) Warner Bros.

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