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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 28 - Turtles by Ross Campbell

 Ross has done some great work on Image Comic's Glory and IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Leonardo special, as well as his creator-owned series Shadow Eyes and Wet Moon.

Here is a flurry of TMNT's drawings Ross posted on Deviant Art.  Check out more here.

"TMNT Week at :iconillustriousbits: comes to a close!

this one is the most important drawing this week and i saved it for last! this is the first sketch for a TMNT fan-comic i'm cooking up called </i>Secrets of the Ooze, which is a retelling of the second Turtles movie (a.k.a. the one with Vanilla Ice :XD:) with my own spin on the story and characters.

the biggest thing i'm adding is the 5th Turtle, Artemisia (Artie for short), who is the shy worrywart Turtle, whose weapon is the bow-and-arrow (i always felt like each Turtle's weapon was a metaphor for their personality, so Artie's had to be the same!). my Turtles don't have masks, they have natural face markings; they construct their weapons from junk and scraps; and there are some other different things the Turtles discover about themselves and some new things in their origin.

the other characters in the comic are the ones from the original movie, April, Splinter, Keno, Shredder, Tokka, Rahzar, Dr. Perry, and i'm putting Casey and the Utroms into the story. :D

i'm not exactly sure when this is going to happen, i'm hoping next year, i'm hoping i can squeeze a page a week into my schedule and run it as weekly webcomic. it'll have a loose sketchy style like this drawing, it'll probably look just like this, since i won't have time for anything more rendered or refined. but i think that'll be cool, it'll be totally for fun, raw and rough.

special shout-out to *kyuubi-fox-demon for the support and for inspiration on Artemisia's markings. :tmnt1:


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (c) Mirage Studios

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