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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week 30 - DieHard by MrPlaid41

One of Rob Liefeld's characters from Image Comics Youngblood... DIEHARD.

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"This is for the "Any Character created by Rob Liefeld. " week at :iconillustriousbits:

Probably my most favorite Rob Liefeld character ever. There's something very simple about the design and the primary colors are kicking. Also when I take my glasses off, this is pretty much what I look like minus the blue stripe down the center of my face. I've always been into robot characters and the typical Clint Eastwood "man without a name" archetype; Diehard combines both archetypes into one big magilla. You never see Diehard's face so he could be anyone under that mask. That really opens it up for wish fulfillment and ideation. My two favorite Diehard stories are where he rescues Superpatriot from some evil cybernetic organization and the other one was where he (again) has to rescue Superpatriot from being hacked by The Covenant of the Sword (drawn by :icondevilpig:). I also liked how Diehard in that story could just download his consciousness into another android body and the big reveal is Diehard is restraining Superpatriot and telling him to "Find the man" while aiming his face at a reflective object while D himself has his mask ripped off and it's a hollow shape. Symbolically mindbending that the character arguing to reconnect with lost humanity is so removed from his own that he's not even human anymore. His consciousness which has survived the presumed death of his own body is what makes him human. WILD!

The later story arc of Diehard being replaced by mecha really was identifiable with how we're all replaceable in this day and age. Programs and mechanization have replaced even some white collar jobs. What are we supposed to do for gainful employment when it's more cost effective to just let the program do it?

Unintentionally I ran out of room for his feet so I drew a little cloud obscuring them. It is Rob Liefeld week. :)

I'm really happy with the proportions and focused more on that, "the look" does it "look right" which seems to have worked. So if Rob Liefeld happens across this and needs me for any cover work please email. I'd love to do it."

Diehard (c) Rob Liefeld

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